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How to pack?

The wrapping method may vary depending on the dimensions, shape and consistency of your gift.

Here are the steps:

1 - Lay out your fabric, patterns flat, against a flat surface.

2 - Place your elastic button on the gift to be wrapped; make sure to center the button.

3 - Place your gift in the center of the opened packaging

4 - Bring corners A around the button, then sides B followed by sides C (or vice versa)

5 - Models with magnifying glasses or cords (2019-2021): the use of magnifying glasses placed on the sides is optional. If you plan to use them, do so after attaching all four corners.


how to pack for a child?

- Use a ribbon approximately 16'' in length (this may vary depending on the size of the package)

- advises: in order to properly hide the excess fasteners in the center, use a ribbon approximately 1.5'' wide.

- install your elastic button on the gift and center it

- Insert the ribbon into the cord that holds the button to the elastic.

- Follow the usual instructions for use.