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What sizes do you recommend to start with?

It's much easier to put a small gift in a larger box that fits the size of your wrapping than the opposite.

Think medium or large so you can reuse your Eco-Cado without hassle, year after year. You can also consult our size guide .

Tips: After the holiday season, easily wrap your cushions and comforters in a LARGE or EXTRA-LARGE size Eco-Gift.

What are the small ropes located between each main attachment for?

The secondary loops have been designed to alleviate pressure on your main fasteners when you stretch your fabric to its maximum. Use them before fastening the main fastener, this will ensure a more aesthetic finish.

These secondary ties are wonderful for wrapping unusual shapes, such as gifts without flat surfaces, as with many children's toys. They will also be very useful for camouflaging a container made high or with a more rounded shape, such as a round box of biscuits.

Do I give it with the gift?

Give a gift, take back the packaging.

There is an air of change and people are becoming more and more aware of the waste that our paper packaging leaves behind. We are lucky to be part of this movement and that is why we must, from the start, do things right.

We encourage you to lend your Eco-Cado for the time to offer and then collect it.

Interesting fact: If every Canadian user used the same gift wrap three times during the same holiday season, we would save up to 45,000 rinks full of wrapping paper.