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Ecological products made in Quebec

Eco-Cado, an ecological and practical concept

What is Eco-Cado?

Eco-Cado is a Canadian company that minimizes its environmental impact by creating reusable products. In order to respect the life cycle of the product, we use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and we make Eco-Cado according to our eco-responsible vision. The goal is to offer ecological solutions to the population and to preserve festive traditions while abandoning single-use packaging.

How to pack with an Eco-Cado product

The instructions for using our packaging are user-friendly and simple. Although the furoshiki folding method is the most well-known eco-friendly solution, Eco-Cado offers a quick and easy trick that requires no folding . In fact, all you have to do is attach the button and that's it! Don't complicate your life with scissors and adhesive tape, wrap your presents according to our instructions.

In a few steps:

  1. Lay your fabric out on a flat surface;
  2. Place your button elastic making sure to center the button;
  3. Place your gift in the center of the package and bring the corners together, alternating them;
  4. Attach the first sides opposite and the other two;
  5. If you need more guidance, follow our explanatory video .

Ecological products

Each year, humanity consumes in a few months what the planet can provide in resources in a whole year. This is why, at Eco-Cado, we encourage the reuse of products. Did you know that during the holiday season, we increase our waste volume by approximately 25% ? Imagine all those cabbages, bags, ribbons and tissue paper that end up in the recycling or trash after just one use... According to ''Zero Waste Canada'', if every Canadian who gives gifts during the holiday season used the same packaging three times, then we would reduce our waste by the equivalent of 40,000 ice rinks lined with wrapping paper!

It is now possible to preserve the magic of the holidays and celebrate all birthdays by reducing our ecological footprint.

A guarantee on wear

Each button is made of recyclable plastic. To avoid waste, we guarantee you the button for life! The elastic button is the most handled part of your packaging, and as it is essential for your Eco-cado packaging to work, it goes without saying that if it comes loose or your button breaks, we will be happy to remove it. repair or replace it. In this way, we want to extend the life of the product as much as possible.

Another promise of our organization is our commitment to the environment. We never want to resort to “express fashion”. This is why we develop timeless collections that can be used for all occasions of the year. If a product is not a favorite, we naturally sell out of stock. And if there is any fabric or scraps left, we transform them into little Christmas bags. We are committed to being as green as possible. We are committed to being green, local and unique.

Discover in detail our values ​​and our mission .